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Xavier Berthelot was born in 1970. He studied classical music and jazz in Brittany, where he started to play the piano at four years-old, and became bar pianist at thirteen. At sixteen, he decided to go to Paris to deepen his music knowledge. He studied piano and jazz harmony at the CIM, harmony, counterpoint, liturgical organ and classical orchestration at the Conservatoire. At the same time, he played the piano in bars, hotels, dancing rooms, striptease clubs, and played the organ for Mass in Parisian churches.
At twenty-five he became a harmony teacher, as well as a copyist, arranger and orchestrator for the Bande-Son (Studiocanal Musique) feature-length films, during seven years.

He composed the music of television series (Trois pères à la maison, Tombé du ciel, Vive les vacances, La loi selon Bartoli, Bienvenue aux Edelweiss, Les toqués…), of television feature films (Les semailles et les moissons, A dix minutes de la plage, Le temps perdu, Merlin l’enchanteur, Kanak…), of advertisements (Mercedes, Bouygues, Orange, Nescafé, Wilkinson, Allianz, Kit Kat - Artistic Director Award 2008…), and of full-length films, such as Alfred Hitchcock’s first four unreleased feature films, Forces spéciales, Blackie et Kanuto